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Btwn Hvn & Erth

Our first debut collection, Btwn Hvn & Erth, is exactly that. A praise to the most high, the creator of all creations.

We’ve been placed on this planet as divine beings of light and heavenly bodies, carrying the answers to the universe within us. As humanity, we’re having to constantly adapt and re-create a new world paradigm, while remembering our origin, our purpose and our source of creation. This collection describes a journey of transcendence in the modern world, reminding you to be your true Self, and allowing for a metamorphosis of collective consciousness on this earth.

The colour palette takes inspiration from the seen and the unseen, the orange of the horizon, the beige of the mountains and terrains, the blue of the sky and the ocean and all the heavens, the black of the galaxy and the white of the unknown and everything in between.

May we all be led in light, with love.