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Our Story

Created and manifested by someone who just wanted to make clothing she’s always dreamed of. 

Flowers Are Nice is made for every kind of femme. We know that the world is ever-changing and evolving, which means that fashion is caught between timelessness and being trendy. We don’t really care too much for either or, we only care about what makes you feel good. We can’t even classify our clothing as streetwear or contemporary because it is more than that. Flowers Are Nice, but that means that all of creation is nice, just like you. 

So, we promise to always push the boundaries and create whatever we like, for whatever mood you’re in, for whenever and whenever, to wear whatever. The detail is up to us. And instead of the devil in the detail, we’ll always give you angel energy. 

Each and every garment is made with so much love, from every single design scribble to pocket placement and stitching detail. 

Everything from our heart, to yours.